Shopify Supply is not your typical swag shop. As a brand, Shopify knows you have big dreams for your business. Which is why they've designed unique products to help bring those dreams to life.




Creative direction
Visual identity
Packaging and print

Shopify 2022


Build an identity for Shopify Supply that communicates primarily to entrepreneurs but doesn’t alienate the general public. Supply should be accessible and appeal to a varying group of individuals.

The main objectives of Shopify Suppy are to: drive brand affinity for Shopify, boost brand awareness for Shopify and engage customers to make a purchase.


Shopify Supply showcases Shopify authentically as The Entrepreneurship Company. It is inclusive and speaks to a large audience with entrepreneurial aspiration and inspiration. Lastly, Supply is confident, trend-setting and effortlessly cool. It does not force or chase aesthetic, nor is it too serious in it's approach.


The foundational layer of the visual strategy is light, bright, and clean. It allows for wide range of expression depending on the application. The visual strategy leaves room to infuse moments of delight and possibility, via patterns, stickers, hand-drawn elements and playful type. Supply uses a hot, poppy color palette, a quirky expanded grotesque typeface, and professional yet playful photography.