I like dogs, coffee, cooking and plants.
I grew up in Calgary, Alberta where I spent my younger years making friendship bracelets and watching Art Attack religiously. I’ve always loved being creative and making things, but when it came time to "choose a career" in high school I was encouraged to follow my interest in science through nursing. I spent four years nursing, and despite my best efforts, I knew I was trying to fit a square into a circle. I felt I was missing something and realized I lacked passion which I craved in a career.

I found my way to design after joining Shopify in 2018. And though it was a windy path, I am grateful for my all experiences and how they impact the way I think about design and the user experience.

When I'm not pushing pixels, you can find me forcing a snuggle with my dog George, walking the neighbourhood with my hubby Kevin or trying out a new creative interest, like pottery.