Elevate your morning routine with a bowl of Entrepreneur Energy, a cinnamon cereal designed to make your busy days a little easier and a lot tastier. This limited-edition OffLimits X Shopify collaboration can be found on shopify.supply.


Lead designer


Creative direction
Visual identity

Shopify 2023


Develop a design concept for the limited edition Shopify X OffLimits collaboration, using the cereal box design as a first touchpoint and an anchor for additional assets. The concept should attract new audiences (fans of OffLimits) as well as appeal to the entrepreneur mindset/community.


The collaboration with OffLimits provides a great opportunity to play off of the expressiveness and energy of OffLimits characters as well as Shopify's own mascot: Shoppy. Within the design concept,
Shoppy becomes the box itself and their facial expressions tell the story. Shoppy is not only hungry for breakfast, but to take on the day, the week, the year. They have the hunger they need to take on big things and take chances: they have the hunger of an entrepreneur.


The final design is fun, expressive, young-at-heart and allows both brands to weave their personas together seamlessly. Shoppy is the main character and helps extend playfulness across all assets, including a product detail page with a Shoppy-hand cursor and falling, interactive "crunchable" cereal pieces.