Own razor kits let you create your own hair-story. Centered around inclusivity, Own focuses on the individual - because shaving is about more than pink and blue razors.




Creative direction
Visual identity
Brand rollout

Shillington School of Design 2022


Develop a brand that is simplified, quirky and fun for an audience that is forward-thinking, brand-loyal and trendy. The client wants the brand to stand out from the uninspiring and tired competition and really give their product loads of personality. Their idea for an online shaving business was born out of frustration with over-priced, over-engineered, unimaginative and over-masculine shaving products.


Create a brand identity and voice that fosters inclusivity and uniqueness, embraces today's culture and is not afraid to stand out in a sea of sameness. This brand will reflect quality, aesthetic, and will make shaving something that people can look forward to.


Own is a non-gendered and approachable shaving brand that grounds itself in playfulness and focuses on it's users: hairy humans!