Land_Sea hostel embraces culture and the adventurous spirit. It provides an inviting and safe space for calm and zen, allowing guests to rest and recharge between adventures.


Main designer


Creative direction
Visual identity
Brand rollout

Shillington School of Design 2022


Develop a concept brand for a hostel built on the old Nara Dreamland grounds (a demolished fairground site in Nara, Japan). The aim of this space is to allow adventurous female travellers to feel safe immersing themselves in culture, meeting new people and enjoying downtime.


Create a brand identity and voice that is inviting, embodies adventure and promotes marvel to attract like-minded adventurous women.


Land_Sea's brand nurture's a traveller's sense of adventure and appreciation for much needed moments of relaxation. The brand's imagery marries monotone photos of important female adventurers, like Eve Arnold and Bex Band, with scenic and exciting Japanese landscapes. Gentle earthtones exude warmth and calmness while pops of bold accents invigorate.