Meet Shopify Counter, the ultimate tool to put sales and orders on center stage. With all the hours you put into your business, there’s never enough time to celebrate wins, big or small. Shopify Coutner is perfect to highlight your most important numbers, in real-time or any time you want.


Lead designer


Creative direction
Visual identity
Packaging and print

Shopify 2022


Build a brand for Shopify Counters that increase Shopify merchant's affinity for Shopify. The Counter should be emblematic of entrepreneurial success and motivate success and growth. Merchants should feel enough pull to the counter experience to encourage a purchase.


Create hype and excitement for the product through design and copy. An expressive, empowering and premium experience helps justify the purchase for consumers and strengthens affinity for Shopify.

The user should be able to navigate seamlessly between IRL and digital materials to ensure Counter purchase and set-up are functional and accessible.


The Counter brand uses dark, rich colours, bold type and delicate line elements to create a premium feel.

Pulling inspiration from sneaker head culture, the Counter box was loosely based around a sneaker box. Focused on the user experience, seamless line elements guide the eye and moments of delight are added, such as the entrepreneurial copy on the bottom of the box.

Between packaging, print and the website, care was taken to provide brand consistency and seamlessness between information.