Feo Skincare is built to help working hands and bodies feel healthy, rejuvenated and refreshed.


Main designer


Creative direction
Visual identity
Brand rollout

Shillington School of Design 2022


Develop a product for an unconventional demographic: blacksmiths. This is a good quality boutique product that is sold to a niche market who expects/desires something different.


Create a brand identity and voice for a skincare product specific to soothing the skin of hard-working artisans, focusing on blacksmiths. The brand will feel intentional and expertly crafted for hard-working hands.


FeO products are artisanal, foundational and detail-oriented, much like the art of metal-smithing. The brand visually contrasts the grit of working hands with the effortless beauty that comes from them. Colors and textures pulled from metal-smithing ground Feo in the art.